7 Easy DIY Bird Bath Projects

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    Make Your Own Birdbath

    These 5 birdbath projects offer plenty of opportunities for creativity and customization while providing water to your favorite backyard birds in a fun and imaginative ways.

    Birdbaths are essential if you are one of the people who love birds. Surely you can buy birdbaths, you will find a great variety.

    But what better way than creating your own bathroom with recycled or reused materials, regardless of your level of craftsmanship.

    Enjoy This Tutorial About Birds

    1) Cute Serving Dish Birdbath

    Source: Home Jelly

    2) Glass Lid Hanging Birdbath

    Source: Sadie Seasongoods

    3) Teapot Birdbath

    Source: MORENA’S CORNER 

    4) Recycled Glassware Birdbath

    Source: flea market gardening

    5) Tippy Pots Planter and Bath

    Source: home stories a to z

    6) Jeweled Concrete Bird Bath

    Source: following the master gardener

    7) Repurposed Lamp Birdbath

    Source: color me thrifty

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    Bird Bath

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