9 Great Varieties of Climbing Roses

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Varieties of Climbing Roses

More than just a flowering vine, a mature climbing rose can change the look of your entire landscape. The sight of a pergola or trellis laden with fragrant rose blossoms is the defining feature of many country house gardens and can also serve as a gathering place for garden parties and other special events.

Calling a rose "creeper" is a bit misleading, as these plants do not have tendrils or suckers that instinctively try to cling to a lattice or wall.

More appropriately, they are best described as very tall roses with extra-long stems that can be easily attached to a lattice or other structure. Although prickly reeds can get caught in vertical supports, it is often necessary to tie the reeds as desired.

The cultural needs of climbing roses are similar to those of other types of hybrid roses. They require rich but well-drained soil, preferably with a neutral to slightly acidic pH.

Like most flowering plants, they require regular nutrition. A fertilizer formulated for roses should be applied approximately every four weeks.

Here are nine varieties of gorgeous climbing roses to consider for your garden, including several winners.

Gardening tips
Most roses bloom in full sun, but some varieties bloom best if you take a daily break from the hot summer sun. Since you are growing flowers, this is not an area to compromise; make sure the equipment you choose is suitable for your location.

Danse De Feu (Rosa 'Danse De Feu')

As a pink floribunda vine, Danse de Feu combines the robustness of polyantha roses with the free-flowering nature of hybrid tea roses.

Instead of a single flower per stem that you see in many types of roses, this variety blooms in clusters, which means you can easily harvest more flowers without diminishing exposure in your garden.

A moderate producer, Fire Dance will reach its peak in about five years. With regular fertilization, this variety will grow sporadically throughout the summer and fall.

Souvenir Du Docteur Jamain (Rosa 'Souvenir du Docteur')

From deep wine to plum, the old-fashioned flowers of this heritage are highly sought after by those who still appreciate the merits of antique roses.

Possessing the characteristic scent of many antique roses, Souvenir du Doctor Jamain not only tolerates some shade but requires that you prevent the flowers from turning brown in the hot summer sun.

This perpetual hybrid will bloom all season long but will give the best results if you regularly administer fungicide treatments to keep blackheads and mold at bay. They are easy to control and suitable for a small trellis, but you can also prune them to a bush if you wish.

Fourth Of July (Rosa 'Fourth of July')

When the 4th of July climbing rose was introduced in 1999, its sugarcane color, disease resistance, and pungent aroma caused a stir.

Why not combine this large blooming vine with the heavenly blue morning glory on your lattice for a patriotic spectacle. This rose is perfect for organic flower gardeners because it never needs to be sprayed.

Alchymist (Rosa 'Alchymist')

A very high petal count and a blend of sunrise hues make the Alchymist an attractive choice for larger gardens. The 1956 German introduction will bloom only once in your garden, but its powerful scent will remain etched in your memory.

Tougher than many climbing roses, this variety will survive winter temperatures of minus 30 degrees. It can be grown both as a shrub and as a climber.

Clarence House (Rosa 'Clarence House')

The creamy flowers of Clarence House grow harmoniously with Princess Diana's clematis on a rustic pole. This modern mountaineer was created by the English horticulturist Peter Beales and was presented to Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mother, on August 4, 2000, to celebrate her 100th anniversary.

Gardeners can expect abundant blooming in June, a rest period during the hottest weeks of summer, and repeat blooming when the cooler fall season arrives. Clarence House grows well in many types of soils, including acid, alkali, and heavy clay.

May Queen (Rosa 'May Queen')

As cute as your favorite peony, May Queen's pink blooms appear once a year in late spring, as the name suggests.

This vine is vigorous enough to compete with tree roots, allowing it to grow up to the branches of your favorite tree, where it will blend into the foliage after flowering is complete. This is a very long walker that requires a tall trellis or fence to show its best effect.

Dublin Bay (Rosa 'Dublin Bay')

When only light red flowers are sufficient, grow this climber in a sunny location. Blooming in new and old wood, the Dublin Bay flowers will fill the foot of the trees from top to bottom.

The semi-double flowers are lightly scented and the dark green foliage is generally disease-free, unlike the similar Don Juan variety.

Eden (Rosa 'Eden')

Although hybridized in 1997, this repeated French flower looks more like an old rose thanks to its fully double-edged blooms.

Pastel pink, cream, and yellow flowers appear throughout the season, even in partially shaded gardens. In case you needed to be more convincing, Eden was given a score of 9.1 by the American Rose Society, putting her in the top 1% of featured roses.

Warm Welcome (Rosa 'Warm Welcome')

Looking for a climbing rose that won't overload your garden with mailboxes? Warm Welcome is a miniature climber that offers reliable repetitive flowering.

Also good for back garden containers, you may see this plant listed under the alternate name Chewizz. If you prefer roses formed as standard (tree roses), this is a suitable variety.

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