Canna Lily: Plant Care & Growing Guide

Canna Lily

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    How to Grow Canna Lily

    Cannas are a beautiful, easy-to-grow genus of plants with showy flowers that come in red, pink, yellow, orange, and cream. Canna leaves are wide and long (similar to banana leaves) in green, bronze, or multi-colored patterns. Most cannas reach 6 feet in height and sometimes up to 2.5 meters. These plants grow from rhizomes, underground stems that send plant shoots.

    During their winter hardiness zone, the cannas can be left in the ground as true perennials. In colder climates, the rhizomes can be grown in the fall, stored for the winter, and replanted in the spring. It is better to plant them from rhizomes in spring. Cannas can take a few weeks to germinate. But then they grow very fast and usually flower in the first year.

    Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Planting Flowers

    Source: Excelsa Gardens, Inc.

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    Canna Lily

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