How Can You Get Different Colored Succulents?

Have you ever looked at the beautiful, vibrantly colored succulents on Instagram and wondered why your plants don't look as colorful? You may have the same species as the plants in the photos, but the colors are not as cool and bright? Fortunately, there are some steps you can take!

If you give ten different gardeners a succulent of the same variety, depending on the conditions the plant was kept in, you could be looking at ten different shades of the same succulent after several months.

Each gardener is likely to keep their plant in a different environment, which will have a tremendous impact on the color of the plant. The environmental reason behind the varied colors? Stress!

There are many factors in a succulent's environment that can affect the vibration of its leaves. Some succulents can change color depending on the season or the average daily temperature. Even plants kept in ideal conditions can change throughout the year. Succulents kept outdoors will experience stress during cold temperatures that can affect their color.

Watch the video below to learn more about how you can get different colored succulents.

We hope you enjoy this video about Growing Colorful Succulents:

Source: Chopstick and Succulents

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