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Learn to care for the CRASSULA BABY NECKLACE

The Crassula Baby Necklace belongs to the succulent genus Crassula and is one of the most striking and adorable succulents. This pretty succulent has puffy plum leaves. As it looks more like the pearls woven into the baby's necklace, this plant is extremely beautiful.

Speaking of its mature size, the Crassula baby necklace remains discreetly small, only growing up to 12 inches. In this way, it forms clumps of erect stems that emerge from the same height. However, these lovely stems are even more impressive when adorning fresh white flowers during the blooming period.

These plants produce flowers from late spring to early spring. If you are looking to purchase this plant for your home or office, here are some things to keep in mind: Tips for caring for this beautiful succulent plant.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Planting Succulents

Source: Succulents Box

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