How to Grow Moss Rose from Cuttings in a Coconut Shell

Moss rose plants (Portulaca grandiflora) are popular annual flowers sold in the spring. If you see leftover moss rose plants for sale in the summer, you may notice that the plants are often just as beautiful as they are in the spring, which is a testament to the plant's hardiness. The moss rose's succulent, medium-sized, cylindrical green leaves are another clue to the plant's hardiness—that is, its tolerance to drought conditions.

Native to South America, these plants grow 3 to 9 inches tall and spread out to create a dense mat, making moss a good choice for a succulent groundcover. The flowers come in many bright colors and often have ruffled petals, looking much like miniature roses.

The flowers grow in clusters on reddish stems and do not normally open on cloudy days or at night. Moss rose is quick and easy to grow and is best planted in the spring after all danger of frost has passed.

Gardeners should carefully consider where to plant moss roses in their landscape, as all parts of the plant are toxic to cats and dogs.

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Source: Adela B

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