How to Grow the Beautiful Wisteria


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Growing Wisteria

There is no doubt that the sweet scent of wisteria that perfumes the garden, its magnificent blue-violet or lavender flowers cover this vine in the middle of spring. Although wisteria is easy to grow, it must be handled with care, as it can quickly outgrow anything without proper care.

The most important factor in glycine growth is location. Wisteriarequire strong support and regular pruning to keep them under control. Open areas surrounded by grass that can be easily mowed are ideal for growing wisteria. Wisteria can't handle cold well, so be sure to get plenty of sun.

This vine requires rich, deep, and somewhat moist soil, but can tolerate many soil conditions. After planting, pruning is the only major requirement for wisteria vine care. Because this vine is an aggressive grower, requires no fertilization, and is drought tolerant, wisteria requires little watering.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Planting Flowers

Source: StoneAgeMan

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