How to Plant Anemones in Pots or Containers

The common name "anemone" is a collective label used for several different species of the plant genus Anemone. Many gardeners know the plants as windflowers, so-called because the delicate poppy-like flowers sway in the slightest breeze.

(The Greek word "anemos" translates to "wind.") The various species vary considerably in size, but all have clusters of basal leaves from which long flower stalks emerge to support delicate flowers, 2 to 5 inches in diameter. Flower colors also vary by species and variety.

The flowers are usually single flowers, although some varieties feature double flowers, similar to an oversized ruffled stem. Anemones are usually planted from bare bulbs or roots in fall, late winter, or early spring. They are fast-growing plants that bloom in the first season.

Life expectancy depends on the species; some are relatively short-lived, while others can live for decades.

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Source: Farmer Gracy

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