Learn How to Make Your Own Succulents Soil Mix

As home gardeners begin to grow succulents, they are instructed to use fast-draining soil. Those used to growing traditional plants may believe that their current soil is sufficient.

Perhaps a better description of a well-draining succulent soil mix is ​​additional drainage or altered drainage. Succulent potting soil needs proper drainage to prevent water from staying in the shallow roots of these plants for too long.

The right potting soil for succulents should encourage the entire pot to dry out quickly, as many problems come from damp soil or below the root system.

The difference between what we use for traditional plants and the medium we plant succulents in is in the water retention aspect. A well-aerated and well-drained soil, while retaining moisture, is suitable for other plants. The succulent soil mix, however, should encourage moisture to leave the container quickly.

Check out the video tutorial below and learn how to make the perfect soil for all your succulents!

We hope you enjoy this video about How to Make Succulents Soil Mix:

Source: Mountain Crest Gardens

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