Propagation of Beautiful Easy-Care Begonias

Begonia flowers not only add a touch of beauty to any garden or balcony but also have the remarkable ability to grow rapidly.

In just 5-6 months, a small seedling can transform into a flourishing and sizable bush.

If you happen to have a particularly stunning begonia and wish to create more of them to adorn your home or share with a loved one, fear not!

There's a simple and effective method to propagate these begonias, ensuring that the new plants retain the same delightful characteristics as the "mother" plant.

To propagate begonia flowers, all you need to do is take a part of the plant's stem and use it to create cuttings that will develop into new seedlings.

For a complete step-by-step guide on how to propagate begonias, watch the video tutorial below and witness the magic unfold!

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Source: Great Gardening

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