The Hottest Design Trends for The Summer

From curved interior glass doors… Green kitchens, tactile textures, and curved designs are among the hottest interior design trends for summer 2021, according to the Houzz renovation platform.

The changes of season are a great opportunity to combine the style and atmosphere of your home.

Whether you are changing space or looking for decoration ideas, let yourself be inspired by these styles, designs, and trends.

To help you make your dream home come true, editor Amanda Pollard has delved into trends, and there's something here for everyone.

1. Natural colors and materials

Bring the outdoors to life by taking advantage of a color palette loaded with natural tones and materials.

The world may reopen again, but our love of the outdoors and stillness is not going away.

In fact, Houzz envisions a wave of earth tones, tactile textures, and comforting colors like peach, beige, and warm browns.

2. Curves

Bring a soft character to your home this summer with curves, curls, and pleats. In recent months, Houzz has reported an improvement in rounded furniture, curly kitchen islands, and unique-looking arches.

Striated designs, in particular, are expected to be a major trend, so keep an eye on them.

3. Make space

Fewer homeowners are seeking open-plan home ideas, according to Houzz, but are paying attention to interior glass doors, dividers, and sliding doors.

Without a doubt, the pandemic has forced many of us to re-evaluate how we live and use our space.

4. Outdoor life

With an increase in ideas for outdoor living and a shortage of garden furniture, we are not surprised to see interest continue to grow.

For the summer, it's all about bringing in cozy outdoor furniture like rugs, garden sofas, layered pillows, and cozy heaters to add warmth.

"This is reflected in the types of projects that homeowners are questioning professionals, and landscapers and landscape architects saw an increase in interest in January of 116% and 76%, respectively, compared to the same period of the year. past, "adds Amanda.

5. Wall panels

Wall panels, one of the top DIY trends of 2021, are certainly high on the agenda for the summer.

“Homeowners and designers are adding character by attaching panel surfaces to walls and cabinets,” says Amanda.
The term 'panel' has seen a 48% increase in searches on Houzz this year, and there are many creative projects featuring the idea on the site.

From traditional trim to subtle woods and tongues to more modern siding designs, there is a style to suit every home. '

We hope you enjoy watching this video about more summer design trends:

Source: Posh Pennies

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