Everything to Know About Hiking With Your Dog

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Here's what you need to know when planning a walk with your dog, from the essential equipment to the non-trace basics!

Do you dream of a trip to the country with your favorite four-legged friend? Any day you spend on adventures with your dog will be fun for you and a real highlight for them: your dog will not only be able to explore, smell and see a new part of the world, but also do it with your best friend (you!) Next to him. from his.

Of course, just as humans need to prepare to walk, so do dogs. And since they are, well, dogs, the onus falls on their owners to make sure they're safe and healthy on the road. Be sure to check with your vet before leaving, as he may have additional recommendations specific to your dog's health or environment.

Planning and Preparation

Fortunately, with the proper preparation and planning, humans and dogs can enjoy the great outdoors, whether you're on a multi-day backpacking trip or a short hike through a state park.

Choose the Right Path

As with human walkers, it is important to start your dog on easy trails and move up to steeper and longer walks, that way you will know what your dog can handle and what his fitness level is. Smaller or older dogs may not be able to walk more than a mile or two, while younger, more energetic dogs should have no trouble gathering as you rack up miles. For starters, judge your dog conservatively, unless he wants to end up taking you back to the trailhead.

You also need to make sure the trail you choose is dog friendly (pro tip: most national park trails don't) and be aware of the laws governing the trail. Most parks and urban areas require dogs to be on a leash, while trails in more remote areas generally require the dog to be under voice control; on these types of trails, you can expect pups off-leash.

Reference Health and Training

Whether your dog is on a leash or casually walking alongside her, you need to make sure she knows a few important commands: stay, come and "go." The latter is especially important if your dog is known to "follow her nose." Certain things that smell good to a dog - bear droppings, garbage, or dead animals - can end up making him sick. Practice these skills with your dog outside the home to ensure that he responds even when he is distracted or overexcited.

Unlike walking human companions, who often warn you quickly when they are exhausted, your dog will not complain if you push yourself too hard or stretch a muscle; therefore it is essential to know the basic health of your dog when walking. Do you pant frequently? How fast is your heartbeat? Does your dog tend to get along with other people or is he more reserved? Knowing your pet's basic health statistics can help you notice injuries faster and better assess the extent of injury along the way. You can schedule an appointment with your veterinarian at the beginning of the walking season to help better understand your pet's daily health.

Medications and Vaccines

Depending on where you live, your dog may need additional vaccinations or medications before starting to walk. You can bring your dog a rattlesnake antidote if you are hiking in the desert, or ask your vet about a leptospirosis vaccine if you and Fido are likely to encounter standing water on the trails. Remember that your dog is susceptible to insect bites, sunburns, and allergic reactions, just like a human being. Here is a practical guide to the medications that most dogs can and cannot take. You can also take dog first aid classes in person or online through the American Red Cross.

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