Hey, Remote Workers: These Italian Towns Will Pay to Live There

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    Remote Workers: Discover these Beautiful Towns in Italy will Pay You to Live There

    In recent years, charming Italian towns have been offering investors rustic homes for just $ 1 in hopes of breathing new life into their rapidly emptying streets.1 But now two cities are trying a different approach: They are targeting remote workers. The town of Santa Fiora in Tuscany and the town of Rieti in Lazio offer economic incentives in the form of discounts on rent for teleworkers who wish to relocate there.

    Santa Fiora, a quiet and remote town with a population of just 2,500, will pay up to 200 euros or 50 percent of the rent for a period of two to six months. Given that the average rent is 300-500 euros per month, this is a good deal. Remote workers will need to enroll in the program and prove their telecommuting status (don't think you'll get a free vacation!). If approved, the Santa Fiora government will reimburse remote workers monthly after they have paid the full rent. (FWIW, the town just upgraded its internet infrastructure, so you're good to go!)

    The Rieti program is similar but requires a minimum stay of three months and can be extended beyond six months. The city, however, is very different from Santa Fiora: it is just over an hour from Rome and has 50,000 inhabitants. However, their remote worker rental incentive program extends to the surrounding countryside, so you can still get all of its bucolic vibes.

    Both counties hope that these programs will turn some visitors into residents, drawing them into a decidedly slower pace of life. Santa Fiora encourages this stay by offering a € 30,000 voucher to anyone who opens a hotel, hostel or guesthouse in the city, and a € 1,500 voucher if they become a resident and have a child. (Actually, it's 1,500 euros per child).

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