How to Travel From Amsterdam to Venice

Amsterdam and Venice are two of the most visited, vibrant, and canal-filled cities in Europe. There are more than 800 miles between them and several different countries, so taking a flight is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way to travel from one to another. But for those with time, budget, and an adventurous spirit, taking the train or driving on your own are the only ways to admire the scenery and make stops along the way. Buses are also available, but they take much longer and in much less comfortable condition.

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What is the cheapest way to get from Venice to Amsterdam?

A flight is the cheapest way to travel from Amsterdam to Venice, with tickets starting at just $ 27 for a one-way ticket. Low-cost airline Easyjet is the cheapest option, although checked luggage and other amenities come at a price. If you want to use a full-service airline, KLM also covers this popular travel route.

What is the fastest way to get from Amsterdam to Venice?

For this route, the cheapest option is also the fastest. Flight time on a direct flight is just one hour and 45 minutes, by far the fastest method to travel from Amsterdam to Venice. Additionally, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Venice Marco Polo Airport are easily accessible from their respective city centers, making the whole journey a breeze.

How long does it take to drive?

The most direct route from Amsterdam to Venice is 830 miles and takes at least 13 hours, but if you have time to make the journey, the journey is a journey in itself. As you leave Amsterdam, you will enter Germany and drive on the A3 motorway on the west side of the country, eventually crossing into Austria. After a tour of the Alps, you will enter the mountainous region of Trentino in northern Italy and continue to Venice.

Passing through so many countries, you need to know the local laws of each country and pay special attention to tolls. The Netherlands and Germany do not charge tolls for driving on highways, but Austria and Italy do. In Austria, you will have to buy a special vignette when crossing the border, while Italy has traditional toll booths along the road.

Parking in Venice is difficult, mainly because there are no roads in the city. The only car parks on the island of Venice are in Piazzale Roma or Tronchetto, but both charge high fees and fill up quickly, especially in high season. If you stay in Venice for more than a day, you will save money by parking on the mainland near the Mestre train station, and from there you can easily catch a train to Venice.

How long is the train ride?

As there are no direct train routes from Amsterdam to Venice, you'll have to split this long journey into at least two days with an overnight stop in Milan. Use Rail Europe to find travel from Amsterdam to Milan, roughly a 14-hour journey with at least one train change, usually in Paris or Basel, Switzerland. The cheapest tickets start at $ 75 for both segments if you book on the first release, although their price increases rapidly.

You'll need to spend at least one night in Milan (but since you're already there, take advantage of your trip and spend a few days in the fashion capital). Use Rail Europe to look up trips from Milan to Venice when you're ready to go, which is only two and a half hours away. You can see two arrival options when booking tickets, Venice Mestre and Venice Santa Lucia. Santa Lucia is Venice's main train station and is easily connected to the rest of the city on foot or by water taxi, while Mestre station is on the mainland and requires an additional train ride.

Tip: train tickets for all segments get much more expensive as the date of travel approaches. If you plan to travel by train, book your tickets as soon as possible.

Is there a bus from Amsterdam to Venice?

The popular bus company Flixbus covers a route from Amsterdam to Venice, with at least one transfer in an intermediate city, but it is a tiring journey. The fastest trips take 22 hours, while others take up to 27 hours. It's also not a cheap option with bus seats starting at $ 70, almost three times the price of a plane ticket. If you want to use the bus, choose a city along the route to stop for a day or two to interrupt your trip, such as Prague, Frankfurt, or Munich. This way, you can use the bus for two separate night trips, conserving your daytime hours to enjoy the city and saving on two nights of accommodation.

When is the best time to travel to Venice?

Since flying is the most widely used mode of transportation between these two popular cities, you will save money by flying off-peak. Summer, the Christmas holidays and the week before Easter are usually the most expensive times to travel in Europe. Prices will be much lower in the off-season, off-peak hours, and you can save even more by looking for flights during the week. Another time to keep in mind is Carnival, which usually falls in February and is one of the biggest events not only in Venice, but in all of Italy. It is an exciting time to visit, but you will pay a lot for it.

What is the most scenic route to Venice?

Traveling through so many unique cities, different countries and the majesty of the Alps, any route by train or car guarantees an unforgettable panoramic trip; you just have to choose what interests you the most. Renting a car and driving yourself gives travelers more freedom to plan their own trip, and there are many options in addition to the simplest ones. After traveling through Germany, you can drive through Switzerland and Milan instead of Austria, or through Germany entirely by driving through Belgium, Luxembourg, and the historic French region of Alsace before passing through Switzerland. If you include the various detours or excursions that come along the way, the options are practically endless. If you can't decide which way to go, make sure there isn't a wrong choice. Each one is impressive in its own way.

Do I need a visa to travel to Venice?

Even if you are traveling internationally, the Netherlands and Italy are members of the Schengen Agreement, which allows travel without borders. Even if you are traveling by train, car or bus, all intermediate countries are also Schengen countries and follow the same rules, so crossing borders should be as easy as crossing a state border.

Can I use public transportation to travel from the airport?

Travelers arriving at Venice Marco Polo Airport have two options for entering the city: the quick and easy ATVO Fly Bus or the slower but much more exciting water taxi. The express bus takes passengers directly to Piazzale Roma in just 20 minutes for less than $ 10, and from there you can easily walk to the city center. The water taxi takes an hour and costs almost twice as much as the bus, but the experience of entering the "Floating City" by water is worth the extra time and cost.

What is there to do in Venice?

Although Venice is often criticized for being one of the most touristic cities in the world, there is something undeniably magical about it that keeps people coming back. Even if you are coming from Amsterdam, another city famous for its canals, there is a reason why Amsterdam is called "the Venice of the North" and not the other way around. Thanks in part to its iconic gondoliers, Venice's maze of waterways is the best known in the world, along with 400 bridges spanning the canals. You won't be able to cross them all, but take the time to snap a photo at the picturesque Rialto Bridge. St. Mark's Square is home to the cathedral of the same name, which you can visit and climb to the top for a breathtaking view of the Adriatic Sea. In addition to these mandatory stops, the best way to enjoy Venice is to lose yourself in its winding streets and find a quiet corner, away from the hordes.

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