The 3 Most Popular Islands in Panama

There are hundreds of islands in Panama, from the huge Isla Coiba to the perfectly tiny Kuna islets.

Some are extremely touristy, like Isla Colón in Bocas del Toro.

Other islands in Panama are remote and uninhabited, but still teeming with biodiversity.

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Explore the Islands of Panama!

1. Guna Yala / Kuna Yala / San Blas Islands

The Guna Yala Archipelago, formerly known as the Kuna Yala or San Blas Archipelago, includes some of the most pristine islands in Central America.

There are a total of 378 islands and islets, although only 49 are inhabited. Almost all of the archipelago's residents are Kuna Indians, living in Kuna villages on entire islands.

Accommodation for travelers is extremely basic in Kuna Yala, usually in cabins on private islands, with meals consisting of whatever the fishermen bring.

But if you're looking for the definition of idyllic, these islands of Panama are it.

2. Coiba Island

Coiba Island is the largest island not only in Panama but in all of Central America. Located on Panama's Pacific coast in the Gulf of Chiriquí, the island was once part of mainland Panama but split when sea level rose from 12,000 to 18,000 years ago.

As a result, several endemic subspecies are found on the island, such as Coiba Agouti, Coiba Spinetail, and Coiba Howler Monkey.

Three-quarters of the island is covered with forests, many of them ancient. A penal colony (with a terrible reputation!) Housed prisoners on the island from 1919 until it closed in 2004.

Now the island is a UNESCO World Heritage site, popular with ecotourists and travelers looking for natural sites. sections. beauty.

3. Bocas del Toro Islands

The islands of Bocas del Toro are the most popular tourist destination in Panama. Located in the Caribbean Sea, near the border with Costa Rica, it can be reached by ferry, water taxi, or plane.

The largest island in Bocas del Toro is Isla Colón, home to the city of Bocas (also called Bocas del Toro).

Approximately 13,000 people live in the city of Bocas, which also offers several hotels, restaurants, and other tourist attractions.

The nearby Ilha de Bastimentos is another great destination, particularly Praia do Sapo Vermelho (so named because of the small poisonous frogs that live there).

Other islands in Bocas del Toro are less visited but equally impressive, such as Solarte Island, populated by the Ngöbe-Buglé indigenous people, and the Zapatillas Keys, part of the Isla Bastimentos National Park.

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