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    Discover Why Cruising Solo Is Worth it!

    It's 7 a.m. and the sun is rising over the Moselle River in Europe, casting brilliant rays of light through the windows along the wall of your ship's cabin. What's on today's agenda? A bike tour of Bernkastel, Germany with Emerald Waterways, as part of their EmeraldACTIVE activity program. She has already dined with some of the other guests onboard and slept well in his only cabin. Now is an opportunity to make the most of her cruise. What is more beautiful about it? What you do is totally up to you.

    While the idea of a solo cruise can be intimidating to some (who will I eat with? How do I meet people? Will I get bored?), A well-designed solo cruise can be the vacation of a lifetime. Don't wait for your friends' schedules and budgets to match yours before diving. Get ready to live alone and enjoy the vacation you've always wanted.

    Why We Love Solo Cruises

    1. Offers flexibility

    Want to spend a guilt-free afternoon in the ship's main pool or head to the Italian port city of Bari, Italy, to watch nonnas make pasta by hand? Cruise ships offer a model you can follow that is as easy as being dishonest. Traveling alone allows you to do what you want, when you want, without having to coordinate schedules with family or friends, and most importantly, spend your time exactly how you want. It's like this: you may be traveling alone, but you are never really alone. You can find a partner looking for a third member for their onboard trivia team, or find a dive buddy on a Galapagos cruise whose husband prefers to be closer to shore. Whether it's walking down the Danube on a river cruise with a new group of acquaintances, or sharing laughter aboard a Zodiac boat en route to see some of Patagonia's glaciers up close, there are always people who are genuinely interested in interact with you. Instead of trying to mold your partner your way (or vice versa), you can share experiences with other people who like them as much as you do, and make wonderful friends as a result.

    2. It is one of the safest ways to travel

    You may travel alone, but your ship's crew is always around you. Thanks to precautions like electronic cards, crew members know when you are on and off the ship and can also know if you have been in your cabin recently. It's a very different experience (and in many ways more relaxing) than traveling alone by land, and it offers an inherent level of security that you won't find when booking trips in parts.

    3. It is like a summer camp

    Planning to book a facial? Do you start the day with yoga? Watch a movie night from the top of your boat's pool? Cruises offer a variety of activities on board and off board, many of which are included in the total price of the reservation. You can be as active or passive as you like, and it's a great opportunity to try new things like baking bread in Austria like one of the Viking river cruise shore excursions you might never try at home.

    4. It is really affordable

    One of the biggest impediments to anything solo has been the dreaded "supplemental ground" rate. Having to pay more for independent travel is a kick in the pants when you may already feel a bit embarrassed about not having (or wanting) someone to partner with. While cruises generally remain a vacation destination for couples and larger groups, that has changed in recent years. River and ocean cruise lines (primarily Norwegian and inland lines such as Avalon and Emerald Waterways) offer individual benefits such as a double occupancy cabin rate on certain ships and routes and the provision of some single cabin ships. Riviera River Cruises even offers some European sailings exclusively for individual travelers. One more option is to be willing to share a room with another individual traveler. In many cases, you end up having the room to yourself at no additional cost. Holland America is a cruise company that offers this option.

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