5 Quick Tips on How to Use Eggshells in the Garden

Eggshell calcium is a great addition to the garden soil, where it moderates the soil's acidity while providing nutrients to the plants. The eggshell contains such an abundance of calcium that it can be compared almost like a lemon, although many eggshells are needed to have a measurable impact.

When well ground, it takes 150 eggshells to make one cup of coarse eggshell powder.

Tomatoes that have a handful of pulverized eggshells in the seed site have no probability of developing rot in the extreme of the flower, and a large amount of calcium in the same region also reduces the burn of the top part in the cabbage, by giving some examples.

However, eggshells are quite useful for adding calcium to homemade fertilizers, or you can simply make water with calcium by soaking the dried eggshells in water for a few days and then using the filtered water for your plants, including your plants.

Plants that haven't been transplanted for a while usually recover quickly when they receive a good flow of water from the eggshell. Watch the video tutorial below and discover several interesting uses for eggshells in your garden.

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Source: Project Diaries

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