7 Steps to Get the Best Flowers to Dry

flower dry

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How to Dry Flowers

There are two main ways to dry flowers: you can place them on a silica gel tray and microwave them, or the simplest way is to hang flowers, herbs, and seeds on top and let nature do the work.

One of the great benefits of dried flowers is that you can forage or grow your own: There are so many easy to grow flowers that can be dried, such as xerochrysum bracteatum (strawflowers), anaphalis (small white flowers known as 'pearly everlasting'), nigella (love in the mist) and umpteen grasses, so you can have the added satisfaction of a homegrown dried flower arrangement.

Roses, delphiniums, hydrangeas, pansies, and lavender dry very well.

flower dry

How to Dry Flowers: Step by Step

1. Choose flowers that have just bloomed, preferably open that morning. If you are using a bouquet of pre-cut flowers, remove them from the water as soon as they start to look their best.

2. Remove excess foliage under the flower head and cut off the stems.

3. Divide the flowers into small clusters of 6-7 stems. If you are drying larger flowers, such as roses or hydrangeas, dry them individually.

flower dry

4. Tie each bundle with a rubber band, string, or string and hang upside down. You can use a hanger or other hook to keep it in place.

5. Place in a dark, dry room away from direct sunlight to help preserve colors. A ventilated basement or closet is ideal. Avoid extreme temperatures, as this will favor the fall of the petals.

6. Leave the flowers for two to three weeks until they are completely dry. They are ready when they feel light and brittle to the touch.

7. When you are ready to fix them, apply a quick spray of hairspray, this provides protection and a nice shine to the flowers.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About How to Dry Flowers at Home

Source: First Day of Home

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