All You Need To Know In Keeping Your Backyard Birds Happy

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Keeping Your Backyard Birds Happy

Bird bath, birdhouse, and bird feeder are essential to keep your feathered friends happy. See how you can have the best birdbath, cage, and birds shelter in the neighborhood!

Bird bath to make your garden a destination for birds
Aren't wild birds just fantastic? Sing beautiful songs in the morning when you wake up, visit your aviary at night to take a bath, make nests in the aviary you created yourself ... doesn't it look great? For me, yes, and for some of you it probably is for others as well, you just don't understand pleasure. Why not just hang up a bird feeder and see for yourself how those little feathered souls transform your life for the better?

Hang Up A Bird Feeder

There is a reason why bird feeders are the most popular items purchased to attract birds. Birds love feeders. Who doesn't love free food? Imagine: you arrive at your aviary after a flight to the beach and visit a restaurant for free along the way. You would feel like a king, right? If you go to a local hardware store or pet store, you will discover a wide variety of power sources. Some have suction cups so they can be attached to windows, others have rods so they can be attached to posts or walls.

Then there are the tallow feeders. They are like meat fat cakes and seeds are usually added to them. They are very nutritious and high in protein, and in my experience, birds like tallow feeders better than regular ones! Most people buy wire boxes to put the butter in.

Do not place feeders near windows, as birds will fear you and will not visit them. Also, you don't want them to collide with your window, this is not good for the bird. Also avoid hanging them where rainwater collects and spreads, as bird seeds will rot if they get wet. Make sure to wash the feeder with a mild soap every time you add seeds.

Add A Bird Bath

Most people think that birdbaths are useless for attracting birds, because the only purpose they serve is for decoration. Not well! Birds love bird baths almost as much as bird feeders. In fact, birds need both bird baths and seeds! Birds need to bathe because insects stick to them and can be deadly. Birds also need to stay hydrated. These are two reasons why birds need bird baths!

Remember that birdbaths are not deep, and if you plan to do one, make them shallow, 1 to 7 cm deep at most.

A birdbath should be placed in a sunny area, preferably near a food source such as grass or a feeder. The reason is that birds drink a sip of water before and after eating. Birds are also very clean animals, so they like to shower shortly after eating.

Be sure to place a birdbath as far away from your cottage or nesting house as possible, as birds do not nest in the places they usually visit. As I said before, bird baths are very important. They provide water, a place to bathe and relax, and can make a great resource for your garden!

Those that are made to hang are usually low plates with rope. Some are designed to stay on the ground. They are usually about 60 cm tall. And it has a thin leg with a plate on top. Water added to bird baths must be chlorine-free. Change the water weekly and rinse with a hose. Don't use soap!

The problem with bird baths is that mosquitoes lay their eggs in the water and breed within a few days. To avoid this, you can buy small tablets to add to the water. Some are good for animals and some are not. Be sure to check the label, as those that are dangerous to animals can kill birds!

Build Birdhouses Or Nesting Boxes

Build a house for the birds! So they can live in your backyard! If you want to add birdhouses to your garden, you have three options.

Option 1: Buy a birdhouse that has already been built

Some of them are made for decoration, the birds don't like them and they probably won't nest there. Then there are others that are expensive, but birds love them! They are usually made of wood, they are not painted and have a hood so that the house does not get wet in the rain.

Option 2: Buy a DIY Birdhouse Kit

They are usually sold in craft stores. And like the first option, some can be cheap, but not good, and others can be expensive, but very good. The kit will contain pieces of wood (already cut into the pieces you need), nails, and all the building materials.

Option 3: do it yourself

A good birdhouse should ...

  • Have ventilation slots
  • Have a hood/roof from the rain
  • Be made from non-treated wood
  • Have a door or removable wall (so it can be opened and cleaned by humans if needed).

Plant Trees And Shrubs

Trees and shrubs play an important role in the life of birds. They provide shelter, fresh air, and food. They are essential!

When choosing a tree or shrub, remember that birds love berries. However, the fallen fruit will attract wasps and bees. Birds love bushy, dense plants. However, you will not be able to see birds when they are inside dense plants. The bigger the tree or bush, the bigger the birds it will attract.

Here is a list of trees that birds love:

  1. American Holly
  2. Black Cherry
  3. Cascara Buckthorn
  4. Mountain Ash
  5. Dogwood; Silky, Flowering, Gray, Red­ Osier, etc
  6. Pin Cherry
  7. Red Mulberry
  8. White Mulberry
  9. Serviceberry
  10. Flowering Dogwood
  11. Hackberry
  12. Hawthorns
  13. Madrone
  14. Red Cedar
  15. Sour Gum
  16. Eastern Red Cedar

Here is a list of shrubs that birds love:

  1. Blackberry, Raspberry
  2. Chokecherry
  3. Dogwood shrubs
  4. Elderberry
  5. Shadbush
  6. Snowberry
  7. Viburnums
  8. Bayberry
  9. Blackhawk
  10. Cotoneaster
  11. Highbush Cranberry
  12. Holly
  13. Mistletoe
  14. Sumac
  15. Highbush blueberry
  16. Nannyberry
  17. Winterberry

Moving Water Is A Must

The water attracts the birds. Moving water attracts birds even more! I can't express how much birds love to move the water. I got a small font once and, boy, was it a hit! Every time I leaned out the window to look at it, I could see at least 3 birds relaxing there.

If you're new to the bird attraction business, installing a mini pond or mini-waterfall is probably a big step for you, right?

Digging up your garden and filling it with water may not seem so tempting to some! However, you don't have to turn your garden upside down, just to make the birds happy, you can make a mini pond out of a bucket! Sounds easy right?

Here are good ideas for moving water:

  • Pond
  • Fountain
  • Mini waterfall (a normal one wouldn’t fit, right?)

Some Things To Remember:

  • Don’t ever disturb your birds! Cleaning the bird house should only be done if they’ve moved out.
  • Do not add chlorine or bleach to bird baths! Not only does it kill mosquitoes but birds too.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Attract More Birds

Source: Epic Gardening

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