DIY: The Best Seed Starting & Potting Soil Mix

Seed starter mix is ​​a soilless medium used to grow plants from seed. It's a much better choice for starting seeds than standard potting soil because it's thinner and lighter, making it easier for small seedlings to grow roots. A good seed starter mix should hold water without getting too soggy because seedlings can rot if they get too wet.

You are asking, "How can a plant grow without soil?" Good question. A seedling doesn't need soil because for the first week or two of its life it will get nutrients from the seed. Compost, a key ingredient in a seed starting mix, will take over once the seed is ready and feed the seedlings as they grow.

Another reason why starting with seed mix is ​​so much better than soil: Your seedlings won't be exposed to mold or mildew. The soil can hold too much moisture and cause a condition called callousness, a fungal disease that causes seedlings to wilt where the stem meets the ground. When that happens, they die. You'll get better growth and happier seedlings with a soilless mix.

You can buy the pre-made seed mix in bags or you can make your own to control the ingredients, which is important if you want to keep your gardening organic. You can also save money by making your own mix. And if you're starting your own seeds, you're probably trying to keep gardening costs down.

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Source: GrowVeg

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