Gardening Boosts Wellbeing As Much As Exercise!

Gardening Boosts Wellbeing

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Daily Dose of Gardening Boosts Wellbeing as Much as Vigorous Exercise, Say the RHS

A daily dose of gardening boosts your mental well-being as much as running or cycling, a groundbreaking study from the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) concluded.

To celebrate National Gardening Week (Monday, April 26-May 2), the world's leading gardening charity surveyed more than 6,000 Britons to find out how beneficial this horticultural hobby really is - and the results don't. they are amazing.

Published in Cities magazine, RHS found that those who cultivated two to three times a week had a 4.1% higher wellness score, as well as 2.4% lower stress levels than those who did not grow at all. Whether you have an urban balcony or large gardens, gardening will not be without opportunities for physical and mental stimulation.

As additional evidence that gardening offers substantial benefits to human health, the HRH also found that those who cultivated regularly also felt less depressed (13%), had more energy (12%), and felt less stressed overall. (16%).

Gardening Boosts Wellbeing

"This is the first time 'dose response' to gardening has been tested and the evidence suggests that the more you garden, the greater the health benefits," said Dr. Lauriane Chalmin-Pui., RHS Wellbeing Fellow and lead author.

β€œIn fact, gardening every day has the same positive impact on well-being as regular, vigorous physical activity, such as biking or running. During gardening, our brains are pleasantly distracted by the nature around us. This diverts our attention from ourselves and our stress, thus restoring our mind and reducing negative feelings. '

Co-author Dr. Ross Cameron from the University of Sheffield adds: 'This research provides additional empirical data to support the value of landscaping and gardens for mental restoration and promoting mental calm.

We also found that a higher proportion of plants in the garden was linked to greater well-being, suggesting that even viewing 'green' gardens can help.

Elsewhere, the RHS announced that it encourages the nation to celebrate the power of gardens by taking a daily dose of "vitamin G." With research showing the tangible difference plants and gardens can make to our physical and mental health, the charity wants British people to take a few minutes a day to connect with nature.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About 8 Ways Gardening Can Improve Your Health

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Gardening Boosts Wellbeing

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