How To Get Rid Of Gnarly Weeds (Without Spraying)

How To Get Rid Of Gnarly Weeds

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    How To Get Rid Of Gnarly Weeds

    Weeds like Bermuda grass can quickly invade a newly formed bed, ruining your crops and leaving your plants starving. Here's a three-month experiment on various inexpensive organic strategies to reduce weed pressure in your garden.

    I think a HEAVY layer of mulch is one of the most effective strategies as long as you have time to wait. Otherwise, forming a bed of mulch, compost, and other supplements will keep weeds long enough for a successful harvest.

    With certain types of parasites, instead of actively fighting them, it seems the right step to constantly smother them.

    Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Pest and Problem

    Source: Epic Gardening

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    How To Get Rid Of Gnarly Weeds

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