How to Start a Worm Farm in 4 Steps (Vermiculture Made Easy)

How to Start a Worm Farm in 4 Steps

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How to Start a Worm Farm in 4 Steps

Learn how to start a worm farm in 4 steps with our interactive video - selection, set up, feeding, and troubleshooting. Youโ€™ll learn how to choose a worm farm kit or worm bin, how to build a worm farm, what to use as worm bedding, what to feed worms and troubleshoot some common issues.

Worm Farms (also known as worm composts or vermicomposting) can help cut down the amount of food you send to landfills and can create some great soil conditioners for your garden.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial Hacks and Tips

source: City of Sydney

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How to Start a Worm Farm in 4 Steps

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