Philodendron Squamiferum: The Complete Care Guide

Introducing one of the most exquisite additions to your houseplant collection: Philodendron squamiferum.

This plant's distinctive traits, such as its large, green, violin-shaped leaves and its captivating red, hairy stems, have made it a highly coveted choice among plant enthusiasts.

Being epiphytic by nature, these plants naturally grow on other trees in their native habitat, utilizing them as support without causing harm.

As they flourish, it is essential to provide them with a tutor to guide their growth effectively.

Continue reading as Nick Pileggi takes you on another enlightening video tutorial.

This time, he will share invaluable tips on caring for Philodendron squamiferum plants, including the ideal lighting conditions, optimal soil requirements, and more!

We hope you enjoy this video about How to Care for Philodendron Squamiferum

Source: Nick Pileggi

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