What Causes Yellow Tomato Leaves

There are several possible reasons why tomato leaves are turning yellow, and finding the correct answer requires careful consideration and sometimes a bit of trial and error.

Read on to see what you can do with yellow tomato leaves, and remember that some yellow leaves on tomatoes are generally not a cause for concern.

Now, why do the leaves of tomato plants turn yellow? There are several reasons why tomato leaves turn yellow, most of which can be easily corrected.

Below are the most common causes of yellowing tomato leaves and what you can do about it.

Fungal diseases

Fungal diseases are a common reason for yellow leaves on tomatoes. For example, the black spot is evidenced by yellow leaves and small spots or lesions that increase in size and eventually take on the appearance of a bull's eye.

Fruits are generally unaffected unless the disease is severe. Late blight, on the other hand, is a more troublesome disease that begins on the upper leaves.

You can recognize late blight by large, oily-looking lesions on both leaves and stems. Fusarium wilt, which usually appears in hot weather, usually causes yellow tomato leaves on one side of the plant, usually starting with the older lower leaves.

Growth is stunted and the plant is unlikely to produce fruit. These and other fungal diseases can be treated with a fungicide that contains chlorothalonil. Water properly.

Leave space between plants to provide ample air circulation and prune back thick growth if necessary.

Viral diseases

Several viral diseases can be responsible for the yellowing of tomato leaves, including tomato mosaic virus, tobacco mosaic virus, single sequence virus, cucumber mosaic virus, and tomato yellow leaf curl.

Although symptoms vary, tomato viruses are generally recognized by stunted growth and a mosaic pattern on the leaves.

Some types can cause malformations such as fern leaves, broccoli-like growth, brown streaks, or severe curls. Viral diseases are usually transmitted by pests such as whiteflies, thrips or aphids, and are also transmitted by tools or hands.

Viral diseases are devastating and plants may not survive. Unfortunately, there are no chemical controls. Oftentimes, the best recourse is to discard the infected tomato and start over by planting disease-resistant varieties in a new section of your garden.

Water properly and maintain proper pest control.

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