Why Your Daffodils Are Not Blooming?


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    Get Your Daffodils To Bloom Again

    Many of us plant a lot of daffodils because the animals leave them alone. Most varieties will eventually naturalize and grow in larger and larger clusters, blooming for generations. The ancient foundations of an old house can often be identified from the daffodils that surround it.

    So how many years can we wait to get flowers from our daffodil bulbs? According to the American Daffodil Society, "In good growing conditions, they should outlive any of us. While some types of bulbs tend to shrink and die, daffodils should grow." Although the initial lamps may fail, they would have had to produce many new lamps throughout their life, keeping the show going.

    Fun Fact
    In England, daffodils (daffodils) are called Lenten lilies, in reference to their association with the Christian fasting period. The daffodil is also the national flower of Wales.

    Blind Daffodils

    Few plants can survive on their own forever. Sometimes daffodils can stop blooming for a specific reason. When they stop blooming, it's called "going blind." If your daffodils don't live up to expectations, get them back on track and they'll thrive for generations to come.


    Planting Depth

    The bulbs are planted at the wrong depth. If they are too shallow, they can dry out and die. They should be at least 10 to 20 inches deep, depending on their size. You can also have problems if they are planted too deep as they can take a while to emerge.


    The foliage was cut too soon. If the leaves cannot remain on the plant until they turn brown on their own, the bulbs will not store enough food to sustain them through the remaining summer and winter. It is not beautiful, but it is vital. Plant something nearby that hides the withered foliage.



    Bulbs can store their own food, but they still need nutrients from the soil to build up their reserves. If the soil is very thin, the bulbs, especially the newly developed ones, will need reinforcement after flowering. Bulb food or any fertilizer rich in phosphorus will solve the problem.


    Narcissus Flies

    Daffodil flies eat flower buds. Adult flies crawl to the ground and lay eggs, then the larvae hatch and feed on the shoots. If it grows in the area, you must kill the larvae or at least expose them to hungry birds.

    Enjoy This Video Tutorial About How to Make Daffodils Bloom

    Source: Doug Green

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