How to Feng Shui Your Desk For More Productivity

Your desk is one of the most important places according to feng shui, as it influences and symbolizes your career. This applies to a home office, work office, or cubicle.

If you have a shared workspace, having a permanent desk somewhere is especially important. It is essential to pay attention to feng shui at your desk because your career is connected to your path in life.

So even if you have a day job (or you don't have any job!), You still have a reason for being, or, as the French say, your reason for being. Your desk is the symbol of your purpose in life.

Here are some tips and tricks to get the feng shui juices flowing on your desk and bring good luck and happiness to your work and life.

Color and material of the Feng Shui desk

When selecting a desk, the material and color greatly affect the feng shui. In general, a heavy, solid brown wood desk is the most stable and ideal of all possible desk materials.

Also, pay attention to what you attract before making a purchase because you must love the table!

Incorporate the colors and materials of the five elements according to the energies you want to bring into your life.

Note: glass tables are not recommended for feng shui. They are fragile and can cause problems in your professional life.

1.Ground element for stability and grounding:

  • Colors: Brown, earthy yellows/oranges/neutrals
  • Material: wood or painted / composite wood

2. Metal element for efficiency and clarity:

  • Colors: white, gray, and metallic
  • Material: metal or painted / composite wood

3.Water element for network and flow:

  • Colors: black
  • Material: metal or painted / composite wood

4.Wood element for growth and activity:

  • Colors: green and blue.
  • Material: painted / composite wood

5.Fire element for inspiration and fame:

  • Colors: red
  • Material: painted / composite wood

Choosing the Feng Shui desk shape

The desks do not have many different shapes, but the most important thing is that the desk adapts to the space.

The desk shouldn't be too big for the room, but also not too small so that you don't have enough space for paperwork and supplies.

If you don't have enough space for your work, you won't be able to prosper in your life.

  • Rectangular, L-shaped, and kidney-shaped tables are the best shapes.
  • Standing tables are definitely acceptable.
  • Credenzas on the sides and back are good because they provide more support.

The best position at the Feng Shui desk

The position of your desk is essential for good feng shui. The principle of the command position is important here.

This means that when you sit at the table, you can see the door without being directly in line with it. Usually, this is diagonal, or "kitty-corner," from the door.

Sometimes this configuration is impossible to achieve. If there is no way to place your desk in this position, you can use a mirror to correct the command position.

Place a mirror, such as a small convex mirror, so that when you are sitting at your desk, you can easily see the reflection of the door in the mirror.

And if you're directly in line with the door, you can hang a feng shui crystal ball halfway between you and the door.

Feng Shui objects for the desk

You can include some feng shui inspired objects on your desk to bring out different energies. Here are a few you can try:

  • A lively green plant that invites growth. Make sure it's a good size and selected for the light and space you have available on your desk.


  • Fluorite is one of people's favorite crystals. It is especially beneficial to focus and expand your intellect.


  • A ceramic mug that you will love, with a stable base that is not easy to drop. This invites the energies of the Earth that involve self-care and stability. Use the cup regularly and keep it clean.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about how to Feng Shui your desk - Increase productivity and focus:

Source: Morris Feng Shui
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