These Are the Best House Plants for Good Feng Shui

We already know that plants add a bit of life and color to our spaces, but what if they could do more than that? According to Marianne Gordon of Feng Shui With Me, they can.

"Plants have innate positive chi, they remove allergens from the air, and they really do wonders for us," she says. "Like caring for animals, caring for plants and planting or watering increases our chi and makes us real or more grounded," says Gordon.

Read on to learn more about the hidden benefits plants can have in our homes and, more importantly, Gordon's advice on where to place them to maximize their positive effects.

How to choose the best Feng Shui plant for your home

That said, Gordon cautions against not having too many plants in the house: "When decorating with plants, remember that too many wooden elements also get in the way of your thought process.

To think and feel clear, we need other elements in our lives as well. let him not create a jungle to dominate his home.

Gordon adds that where she places her plans can have an impact on her clarity of mind and suggests that she understand the Bagua map of her home (also known as a Feng Shui floor plan to bring good intentions to her home).

Plants that maintain positivity give your home a karmic boost when placed in the corner of your wealth or prosperity.

According to traditional feng shui methods, this means the southeast corner of your house, or by western methods, the rear left corner of your house (when facing the front door).

On the other hand, avoid cacti, which according to feng shui experts can have "sharp" or negative energy.

The good news is that there are many plants that inspire abundant positive vibes.

Ready to bring the right intentions into your home while purifying the air and practicing your green thumb skills? These plants are the Holy Grail of good luck and fortune:

Citrus tree

According to Gordon, if you grow a citrus tree on an indoor patio or porch, it can bring abundance into your home. It should be placed in your wealth or health water.

Citrus fruits are believed to be very lucky. I had a grapefruit tree that grew so large that we were able to provide fruit for the entire neighborhood all year round.

This is the true meaning of abundance: when you can provide enough for yourself and for others", She says.


"The peony is the most popular flower to attract romance. It's beautiful and rounded and comes in different shades of pink and red, ”explains Gordon.

"They can be planted outdoors and take three to four years to flower once planted. Peonies bloom in late spring. When well established, they bloom every year and can live for about 100 years."


"A symbol of fertility and creativity, white orchids can be placed in children and in the water of creativity," advises Gordon.

"If they are pink and have two stems, you can put them in the guide of love. If they are yellow, you can put them in the center and health, and if they are purple you can display them in the guide of wealth."

Money tree

Do you need luck? Look no further. "For good luck, I recommend Pachira Aquatica, also known as the money tree," says Gordon.

"These plants can bring luck into your life, especially during a big milestone like opening a new business."

Lucky bamboo

When arranging bamboo, it is important to pay attention to how many stems you add. "In a vase, put some bamboo stalks in fresh water," says Gordon.

"Put five stems in a vase for academic achievement and creativity (in your creativity area), put seven stems in your health and family area, put eight stems in your wealth area and nine stems for general luck (you can place them anywhere, but they can also be in the center of your house) Don't forget to change the water frequently. "

We hope you enjoy watching this video about Feng Shui plants:

Source: Lipsha world
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