Tips to Make Your Bathroom Smell Good All the Time

Keeping our homes spotless is an extremely important but difficult task. It takes constant effort, and just when you think you're finally done, a strange spot or smell appears. Bathrooms can easily swing on the pendulum from a "spa haven" to "stinky, dirty, and wet," sometimes seemingly overnight.

But strange smells in the bathroom are not inevitable. By keeping your bathroom clean, doing some housework, and adding some scent enhancers to your space, keeping your bathroom smelling good isn't that difficult after all. Read on to discover some of our favorite tips for making your bathroom smelling amazing for longer.

1. Clean up when you can

One of the best ways to mask smells and smells in bathrooms is to avoid them. And the easiest way to avoid them is to clean the bathroom regularly. Although it's as simple as cleaning your bathroom sink every day, a little cleaning can go a long way.

Other easy-to-clean things that prevent odors? Make sure to wash your bath mat and towels regularly, and scrub the bathroom regularly from time to time.

2. Use a small diffuser

A diffuser is a small device that releases odors into the air using heat, compressed air, or ultrasound. It is usually filled with a mixture of essential oils and its small size makes the diffuser the ideal solution for leaving small spaces smelling good.

Use a diffuser in your own bathroom, placing it behind the sink, behind the toilet, or on another stand. It is ideal for creating a spa atmosphere during a long bath or shower. But be careful when using diffusers around your pets - some essential oils are toxic to cats and dogs.

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3. Try a perfume pack

For a long-lasting fragrance, try a perfume pack in your bathroom. Perfume packages are usually filled with scented pearls or a potpourri mix. They are small and easy to transport, so you can place the pack in different places in the bathroom without worrying about finding a plug or spilling essential oils.

Perfume sachets are also incredibly durable - most last up to nine months in the bathroom.

4. Beware of wet towels

One of the biggest culprits for shower stench is wet and dirty towels. When you leave them folded or stacked on the floor while they're still damp, your luxurious, elegant towels soon turn into nothing more than a moldy mess.

But you can easily avoid them in one of three ways. First of all, don't leave towels on the floor; Always hang them to dry, especially if they are damp. Second, don't bend them if they're a little damp. Make sure they are completely dry first. Third, wash your towels regularly. The Cleveland Clinic recommends washing them at least once a week.

5. Use your favorite scented soaps

Time to pamper yourself and buy your favorite scented liquid soap. There's nothing like stepping into a steamy bathroom that smells like fresh-cut roses and lilacs.

Using your favorite scented soaps (which in turn add fragrance to your bathroom) is an easy way to make your bathroom smell good. A similar effect can be achieved with scented bubble baths and bath bombs.

6. Make sure to ventilate

Therefore, it is important not to keep the bathroom full of steam for too long. After every long bath or shower, open the bathroom windows (if any) and ventilate the room for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Doing so removes the tiny space of excess moisture, which is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to causing stinky odors, and provides fresh air - the perfect antidote to a bad mood in the bathroom. If you don't have a bathroom window (we're not all that blessed), turn on the bathroom fan for the same amount of time.

7. Use laundry detergent or fabric softener in your toilet

Your bathroom could be somewhere else, unfortunately stinky. However, the battle to combat the seemingly inevitable odor is not lost immediately.

Try this trick to bring some fresh scents to a smelly bathroom: put some scented laundry detergent or fabric softener in the bathroom sink. Now whenever the flush occurs, the scented water will release into the container and provide a hint of fragrance.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about a simple trick to keep your bathroom & toilet smelling amazing:

Source: Andrea Jean Cleaning

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