5 Easy and Colorful Plants That are Fun for Children to Grow

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5 Safe and Colorful Plants that are Fun for Children to Grow

Gardening is a healthy and fun activity for children of all ages. As well as taking them outdoors, it will help children develop new skills, learn about nature, and discover the wonder of sprouting seedlings.

Gardening and interacting with nature enhance children's creativity as they discover exciting new ways to grow food. Also, as they learn about nature and the environment, they can reason and gain new knowledge about the science of plants, animals, and climate, and how they are connected.

Easy gardening for kids to the delight of all families. Take a look at the five plants to consider growing this half-term...

Sweet peas

Fragrant and colorful sweet peas are prized for their beautiful flowers. Besides being beautiful in a bow shape, they are also easy to grow in pots and containers. Why not involve the children in planting in the meantime?


Keep your kids busy during the school holidays by having them plant beautiful springs. Blooming in a variety of colors, this stunning spring wildflower is suitable for flower beds and garden pots. Be sure to place them in the right place, as these flowers need moisture-retaining soil and partial shade.


A cold-weather favorite, pansies are great for kids thanks to their abundance of bold colors. Ideal for growing in pots, borders, and patio pots, your kids will love putting on their gardening gloves and getting involved.


Plant your strawberries during the spring or fall, preferably in a sunny, sheltered location. Easy to grow and almost always uncomplicated, these bright red berries are perfect for kids to grow (and eat) over the holidays.

This is one of the most rewarding childproof plants you can try this semester. Strawberries are easy to grow and require little maintenance. Strawberry Florence, for example, a late strawberry variety, is known to be hardy and resistant to disease.

Fern plant

In addition to being child-proof, ferns are beautiful plants that also filter the air. With intricate foliage and architectural leaf shapes, they create an extraordinary look in any home. One of our favorites...

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Fun Garden Activities for Kids During Lockdown

Source: GrowVeg

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