An Extreme Bonsai Bending Mistake to Avoid

If you're tending to a bonsai, you've likely explored the art of shaping, a pivotal technique to accentuate the beauty of these miniature trees.

The conventional path involves wrapping delicate wire around bonsai branches, guiding their growth.

Yet, there exists a realm of less conventional methods, some of which challenge norms in ways you wouldn't expect.

In the realm of bonsai crafting, the video's creator delves into an extreme technique.

This method seeks to reshape the structure of a Chinese elm bonsaiโ€”a daring endeavor that raises eyebrows.

Now, the decision to adopt or disregard this approach rests in your hands.

Dive into the following video tutorial to witness the step-by-step application of this audacious bonsai bending technique.

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Source: Gro Bonsai

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