DIY Plastic Bottle Easy Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation simply involves the slow delivery of water to plants at ground level, rather than manually watering from above with sprinklers or other sprinkler irrigation methods.

You can make your own watering system from repurposed plastic bottles, simply start by cutting the bottom of a plastic bottle and then drilling holes in the cap or neck of the bottle. Bury the bottle upside down near a plant so that the holes are about 10 cm below the surface.

This makes watering so much easier because now all you have to do is fill the bottle and move on to the next plant. And if everything is drained by the time you're done, it's easy to refill them so the soil gets well soaked.

You can also slow down the water drainage not by drilling holes in the bottle, but by removing the cap and pushing a piece of sponge firmly into the neck of the bottle.

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Source: NATURE plus

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