Full Sun Floating Pond Plants

Floating plants are ideal for newly installed ponds because they absorb CO2 directly from the air. They grow rapidly and require little water quality.

Its value is mainly determined by its enormous growth capacity, even under conditions where oxygen-producing plants fail.

There are pros and cons to putting a pond in full sun. A perfectly situated garden pond will have some shade with some areas of full sun.

Floating aquatic plants can bring a whole new dynamic to your pond. This gives you the opportunity to place some plants in the sun around the lakeshore and float in the water.

Here are some ideas to get started.


    Can a pond be in full sun?

    Many people imagine a perfect lake surrounded by weeping willows and other trees that provide some shade. Ideally, a garden pond will have a mix of sun and shade.

    Four to six hours of the full sun should be fine. The proper balance of sun and shade makes a pond healthy for a number of reasons.

    The fish benefit from a refreshing shade. A little shade will also keep algae growth under control. Too much sun and he will take over.

    You can also find a combination of shade and sun plants to grow in your pond if you have both.

    Aquatic plants in full sun

    For the sunniest areas of your lake, there are many options. Use plants around the edges of the pond, but also select a few plants that float in full sun.

    This will make your tank more attractive and help prevent algae growth.

    • Water lily: Water lilies thrive in the sun. They also help solve some of the problems associated with a lake in full sun. Its flat leaves provide shade for competing for fish and algae.


    • Lotus: The lotus plants also float on the lake and enjoy the strong sun. They will provide large, beautiful flowers for the surface of the lake.


    • Iris: They also love the strong sun and tolerate slightly more humid soil. Plant them around the edges of your pond for spring and early summer coloring.


    • Rushes: Various types of grass-like reeds will grow around the edges of a lake in full sun, creating a habitat for wildlife. Try the tip of the needle and the corkscrew.


    • The pitcher plant: This is a unique carnivorous plant that many gardeners overlook. It will grow well on the humid, sunny shores of a lake.


    • Taro: Also known as elephant ears, this tropical plant grows well along the lakeshore. It can be immersed in water as long as the leaves are above the surface.


    • Azolla: This unique plant is a floating fern. It is green, like most ferns, but when grown in full sun, it turns pink to red. It is not native to North America and can be considered invasive. Keep it away from ponds connected to other waterways.

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