How To Care For Dischidia "Geri" Plant

Get ready to meet a fascinating plant! Dischidia "Geri" is a unique, slow-growing epiphytic wonder, closely related to the Hoya genus. Its long, trailing stems adorned with fleshy rounded leaves make it an eye-catching addition to any space.

Though the clusters of white, waxy flowers may not be the star of the show when it comes to ornamental appeal, they still add a touch of charm, blooming gracefully in early summer.

Now, here's an interesting tip: after the flowering season, you can collect the seeds. But don't wait too long!

They must be sown within a few days as they don't stay viable for an extended period.

Popular as both indoor and greenhouse plants, they thrive in hanging baskets or petite pots, bringing a delightful touch of greenery to your living spaces.

Curious to know how to care for this captivating plant? Look no further, because the person behind this video, Nick Pileggi, is here to guide you through the complete care process for Dischidia "Geri."

Get ready to unlock the truth of nurturing this beauty and watch it thrive under your loving care.

Let's dive into the video and ensure that our Dischidia "Geri" enjoys a happy and healthy life! Happy watching!

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Source: Nick Pileggi

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