How to Make Shohin Juniper Bonsai from Cuttings

Delving into the world of bonsai, we stumble upon a term that's not only intriguing but deeply rooted in Japanese culture.

"Shohin" translates to "something small" in this context, signaling bonsai trees that embrace a diminutive stature, even smaller than your typical bonsai companions.

Amidst the absence of strict regulations, trees standing under 25 cm in height earn the Shohin designation.

However, experts playfully propose that any tree graspable in a single hand could bear this title, emphasizing that size isn't the sole factor of significance.

Juniper trees, with their alluring foliage and fuss-free care requirements, stand as an immensely popular choice within the bonsai realm.

In the upcoming video, you'll be acquainted with the visionary behind the lens as they share an uncomplicated technique.

Brace yourself to witness the creation of your very own Shohin Juniper Bonsai, emerging from the art of cuttings.

We hope you enjoy this video about How to Make Shohin Juniper Bonsai from Cuttings

Source: Eisei-en Bonsai

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