Swiss Cheese Plant: Indoor Care and Growing Guide

Swiss Cheese Plant

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How to Grow Swiss Cheese Plant Indoors

The Swiss cheese plant takes its name from its large heart-shaped leaves that form holes (called "fenestration") with age, giving its leaves the appearance of Swiss cheese. Native to Central and South America, Swiss cheese is a tropical perennial normally grown as a houseplant. It's notoriously easy to maintain and loves to climb - if you can put in a stake, a piece of moss, or a trellis for hanging, you can make some pretty displays (this creates bigger leaves too).

Swiss cheese plant grows quickly and can reach enormous heights in less than six months. If grown and cared for as a houseplant, your Swiss cheese plant can be planted at any time, although it is usually purchased from nurseries and other plant suppliers as immature babies.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Plant

Source: Nick Pileggi

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