These Solar Plants Withstand The Cold

Living in a northern climate shouldn't prevent homeowners from having beautiful gardens filled with perennials. All too often, however, cold-weather gardeners find that their sun-loving perennials don't survive the winter.

The solution is to find plants that like heat and tolerate cold climates. Finding Cold Hardy Solar Plants When looking for cold hardy plants for solar flower beds, many gardeners pay attention to USDA hardiness zones for their location.

These maps are derived from the average temperature ranges for the area. Most plant labels and online plant catalogs contain resistance information.

Climate zones at sunset are a different type of mapping system based more closely on the microclimates of a region. This system can give gardeners a better view of their own garden and can be helpful when choosing solar plants in cold climates.

Heat-loving plants that tolerate cold climates

If you are looking for cold tolerant species for a sunny garden, consider the following:

Asters (Asteraceae) - These late-season blooming flowers bring beautiful pinks and purples to the fall scenery. Many varieties of aster are hardy in zones 3 through 8.

Coneflowers (Echinacea) - Available in a variety of colors, coneflowers are hardy perennials like daisies in zones 3 through 9.

Catmint (Nepeta faassenii) - Similar in color and appearance to lavender, catmint is a good alternative for gardens in hardiness zone 4, where lavender will barely survive the winter.

Daylily (Hemerocallis) - Winter hardy in zones 4 to 9, Daylilies can provide colorful flowers and attractive foliage to enhance any garden project.

Delphinium (Delphinium) - The tall, pointed delphinium flowers add elegance to the back and edges of any flower bed. Hard in zones 3 through 7, these giants prefer cooler climates.

Hollyhocks (Alcea) - Considered short-lived perennials, hollyhocks are a favorite in brightly colored cottage gardens, hardy in zones 3 through 8.

Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) - These sun-loving, easy-to-grow perennial flowers add charm to the flower bed of late spring and early summer. Yarrow is hardy in zones 3 through 9.

Foliage of cold tolerant plants for the sun

Chickens and Chickens (Sempervivum tectorum) - These old-fashioned, low-growing favorites love the sun and can survive zone 4 climates. In zone 3 and below, just raise the hens and chicks and keep them indoors during winter.

Sedum (Sedum): Although the perennial species of sedum die in the ground during the winter, these flowering succulents return each spring with renewed energy. Most species are hardy in zones 4 to 9. Some varieties can withstand zone 3 winters.

Silver Mound (Artemisia schmidtiana) - This plant's soft, downy foliage in full sun is a welcome addition to any colorful flowerbed. The silver mount is resistant in zones 3 to 9.

Winterberry (Ilex verticillata) - Even after the leaves of this deciduous holly shrub fall, the bright red or orange berries add interest to the winter garden. Winterberry is hardy to zone 2.

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