Tips On Growing Wine Cap Mushrooms

Wine Cap Mushrooms

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Caring For Wine Caps Mushrooms

Mushrooms are an unusual but very interesting crop to grow in your garden. Some mushrooms cannot be grown and can only be found in nature, but there are many varieties that are easy to grow and are a great addition to the annual crop of produce.

Growing mushrooms with a wine hat is very easy and rewarding, as long as you proportion them in the right conditions. Read on to learn more about growing wine stopper mushrooms and growing wine stopper mushrooms.

How to Grow Wine Cap Mushrooms

Wine top mushroom culture works best if you purchase a kit of material inoculated with mushroom spores. Start in the spring to ensure a harvest during the growing season.

Wine-covered mushrooms (Stropharia rugosoannulata) grow best outdoors in a sunny location. To create a raised mushroom bed, unfold a border at least 10 '' high, made from cinder block, brick, or wood. You want approximately 3 square feet per pound (0.25 mΒ² per 0.5 kg) of inoculated material.

Fill the interior space with 6 to 8 inches of a mixture of half compost and half fresh wood chips. Spread your spore inoculation over the area and cover with 2 inches of compost. Water well and continue to keep the area moist.

Wine Cap Mushrooms

Caring for Wine Caps

After a few weeks, a white layer of fungus should appear on top of the compost. This is called mycelium and is the base of your fungi. Eventually, the mushroom stalks should appear and open the eyelids. Pick them up when they are young and MAKE SURE you can identify them as cork mushrooms before eating.

Spores from other fungi may settle in your mushroom bed, and many wild mushrooms are poisonous. Consult a mushroom guide and always do a 100% positive identification before eating mushrooms.

If you let some of your mushrooms continue to grow, they will deposit their spores in your garden and next year you will find mushrooms in all kinds of places. It depends on whether you want it or not. At the end of the summer, cover your bed with an inch to an inch of fresh wood chips; mushrooms should return in the spring.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About 6 Tips to Grow Edible Wine Cap Mushrooms in Your Garden

Source: OYR Frugal & Sustainable Organic Gardening

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Wine Cap Mushrooms

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