Top 5 Pink Houseplants You Won’t Believe Are Real

5 Pink Houseplants

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    Top 5 Pink Plants

    It's no secret that we love the color pink. There are so many amazing ways to add that color to your home decor, from paintings and wallpapers to furniture and accent pieces, and today we're here with another option - houseplants! So is! There are true pink houseplants that are truly dreamy and add the perfect pop of color to any setting.

    Find the best pink houseplants to grow here!

    5) Philodedron erubescens "Pink Princess"

    4) Cryptanthus bivittatus "Pink Star"

    3) Tradescantia spathacea "Variegata"

    2) Ceropegia woodii "Variegata"

    1) Peperomia griseo-argentea "Pink Lady"

    Enjoy This Video Tutorial About

    Source: Nick Pileggi

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    5 Pink Houseplants

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