Unique and Unusual Indoor Plants You'll Love

You can probably recognize a snake plant without looking twice, and a pothos plant is also very easy to spot.

But what about edgy plants, dolphin succulents, and Zig-Zag cactus? Nature is truly amazing because you will find some amazing (and rare and unusual!) Plants out there, and a lot of them make great houseplants too.

These fascinating plants are so cool you'll want one of each for your indoor garden, whether you're looking for a stunning succulent or something bigger, bolder, and more colorful.

Some of them require little maintenance, you can keep them in your office. (Yes, even your dark cubicle!)

Here are some unique indoor plants you might didn't know:

Rex Begonia 

With dramatic spiral leaves, this plant has a Tim Burton flair, doesn't it? Rex Begonia is also quite easy to care for, just make sure you don't wait too long between waterings and spray it well as it loves moisture.

Nervous plants

Also known as Fittonia, these plants were nicknamed the shiny veins on the leaves. Its vibrant colors and unusual patterns will wake up even the dullest places in your home.

Dolphin Succulents

True to its name, the tiny leaves of this succulent look exactly like swimming dolphins; it's almost too good to be true. If you want yours, the technical name of this variety is Senecio peregrinus.

Echeveria Lipstick

Anyone who appreciates a distinctive red lip will love this bright red succulent. Some are red, some are green with bright red tips, but in any case, Echeveria agavoides will certainly add a pop of color to any indoor garden.

Zig-Zag Cactus

Although this playful plant is technically called Selenicereus anthonyanus, it is better known by nicknames such as zigzag cactus or herringbone. Like most cacti, it requires relatively little maintenance and produces colorful pink flowers when in bloom.

We hope you enjoy this video about more unique indoor plants!

Source: Harli G

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