5 Best Fast-Growing Trees For Your Landscape

Typically, trees can take decades to mature, while fast-growing ones can gain considerable height each year.

If you want shade or privacy for your landscape quickly, a fast-growing tree might be the right choice for you.

Additionally, this tree will add considerable ornamental value to the landscape shortly after being planted.

Before you begin, you should know that some fast-growing trees are not as strong as species that take a long time to mature, and the branches can be prone to breaking.

Consider a planting location away from where branches can fall on structures. Also, its growth rate can mean more extensive pruning if you want to keep its size and shape in check.

So, knowing that here are 5 fast-growing trees that could be perfect for your garden:

Weeping willow (Salix babylonica)

Weeping willows are fast-growing trees, growing more than two feet per year. They usually reach around 30 to 50 feet tall and spread out.

The tree's branches gracefully arch downward, and small yellow flowers appear in late winter or early spring. The wood of weeping willows is notoriously weak, so this is not a tree for hanging structures.

Pruning should be done in late winter or early spring.

Leyland cypress (Cupressocyparis Leylandii)

The Leyland cypress is an evergreen tree that reaches 18 to 70 feet tall with an average spread of 10 to 15 feet.

This fast-growing tree grows up to 3 feet per year with grayish-green stippled foliage on upward-pointing branches. The bark of this tree is reddish-brown in color.

It is a sturdy, low-maintenance tree. However, be sure not to overwater it, as this can cause root rot.

Japanese cherry (Prunus serrulata)

Japanese cherry blossoms grow rapidly, increasing up to 2 feet per year and reaching around 15 to 25 feet tall and spreading.

The showy white to pink flowers bloom in spring, giving way to small black fruits in summer. This species is susceptible to various pests and diseases, including powdery mildew and aphids.

Therefore, it is important to keep a close eye on your tree and treat it properly at the first sign of trouble.

Tulip tree (Liriodendron tulipifera)

The tulip, also known as yellow poplar, is a spectacular tree with a large pyramidal shape. It can mature to around 18 to 90 feet tall with a spread of 30 to 50 feet.

And the trunk can reach about 6 feet in diameter. These fast-growing trees are known to have weak branches and shallow roots. Ideally, they should be planted in a place protected from strong winds.

Pin Oak (Quercus palustris)

The oak-pine is a deciduous tree that grows 50 to 70 feet tall and 40 to 60 feet wide, on average. It is pyramid-shaped with glossy dark green leaves and a grayish-brown bark that develops streaks as it matures.

It is a popular landscape tree due to its rapid growth rate and medium size. In addition, it tolerates a variety of growing conditions.

However, make sure it is not in alkaline soil, which can cause the leaves to turn yellow.

We hope you enjoy watching this video about the top 10 fastest growing trees in the world:

Source: World Top Best

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