Can I Plant a Potato from the Supermarket?

You can grow potatoes in the warehouse, but keep in mind that not all potatoes from the supermarket work - potatoes are sometimes treated with chemicals to inhibit germination.

If they germinate, the harvest is likely to be small, but you will generally get something from your efforts. However, for the best results (because who has the time, energy, water, or garden space to waste?), Buy untreated "potato seeds" that have been certified disease-free from a nursery. or online.

How long do potatoes take to grow?

Potatoes grow quickly and mature three to four months after planting. Different types have different ripening times, so read the description to get an idea of ​​when your harvest will be ready.

How to harvest potatoes

You can start harvesting some β€œnew” baby potatoes about 60 days after the plants have sprouted, but leave the rest of the potatoes in the ground for another two weeks to cure (The skins are slightly hardened to make them last longer.)

To harvest, use a small fork or shovel to gently lift the plant and loosen the potatoes from the ground. To get the best performance, wait until the foliage begins to die.

Any potato that you mash with the shovel should be eaten immediately, as it spoils quickly.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Plant a Potato from the Supermarket

Source:Erica's Little Welsh Garden

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