Hand Pollinate Squash Flower Easily

Pollinate Squash

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How to Hand-Pollinate Squash Flowers

This short video will show you how easy it is to distinguish between male and female flowers and how to pollinate them by hand.

There's nothing more frustrating for a vegetable gardener than having nice big healthy squash plants but no squash! The main reason for this problem is the lack of sufficient pollination.

Gardeners have depended on bees and other pollinators to pollinate blossoms in their gardens for centuries. In recent years, as bee populations in some areas are declining for various reasons, including suburban sprawl, colony collapse disorder, and changing weather patterns, some plants may need human help with pollination.

Every summer squash plant will have male and female flowers, usually at a ratio of 3:1.

You can tell the difference between male and female flowers through the stem. Male flowers will have a thin stem, while female flowers have a thicker stem. The fruit grows off the female flowers.

If you are noticing the squash plant is doing well but there are not many squash growing, you can self-pollinate the flowers. Take a q-tip or paintbrush and collect pollen from the inside of the male flower.

Transfer the tool to the female flower and lightly rub the pollen from the male around the female blossom.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Gardening Tips and Tricks 

Source: gardenstead

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Pollinate Squash

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