Herb Garden Tips And Tricks

Herbs are one of the most popular edible plants for gardeners to grow. Even with limited gardening experience, you can be successful in growing these flavorful, aromatic plants.

Most herbs you can grow at home need two things: sunlight and well-drained soil.

This means that when considering locations in your backyard to plant an herb garden, you should look for a location that receives six or more hours of sun a day and is well-drained.

Many people also consider convenience when selecting a place to start growing an herb garden. Planting near the kitchen or near the house will make gathering herbs easier.

Below are some herb garden tips and tricks to get you started.

Container herb garden tips and tricks

Buy Plants: If this is your first experience of herb container gardening, you may have more success buying seedlings from your local nursery rather than growing plants from seed.

Germinating plants in the microclimate of a container requires stricter adherence to soil moisture levels and sunlight requirements.


Use quality potting soil: Garden soil can introduce pests and diseases to an indoor herb garden.

Buying quality potting soil is one of the herb-growing secrets trusted by skilled gardeners when growing herbs in containers.


Proper Drainage: Good drainage is essential for healthy herbs. Choose planters with large drainage holes.

A coconut liner or coffee filter works perfectly to keep dirt out of the pot.


Clay pots vs. Plastic pots: One of the smartest herb garden tricks is using clay pots.

The porous nature of clay allows pots to dry out faster, especially when overwatered.


Provide plenty of sunlight: Placing the pot on a sunny south-facing window is one of the best tips for growing herbs indoors.

Most herbs grow faster and have a more compact shape when they receive a minimum of six hours of direct sunlight a day.


Harvest Frequently: One of the herbs growing secrets for seasoned gardeners is to regularly harvest container-grown herbs.

Pinching the growing tips prevents plants from thinning and prevents early flowering. Many types of herbs have a richer and stronger flavor before flowering.

Tips for growing herbs outdoors

Location: Most herbs love the sun, so choose an outdoor spot that gets at least six to eight hours of direct sunlight every day.

The morning sun with afternoon shade is ideal for maintaining the best growth of the herbs during the dog's summer days.


Proper Drainage: When growing with herbs, avoid planting in damp, waterlogged soils with little percolation.

Too much water inhibits proper growth and creates ideal conditions for fungal diseases. Splice the soil with compost and organic material to help improve drainage.


Wait to plant: Patience is one of the secrets of growing herbs for seasoned gardeners. It's easy to try and start the growing season by planting as soon as the weather warms up.

Many herbs, such as basil, are frost tender. Wait until nighttime temperatures stay above 50 degrees F. (10 C.) before planting annual herbs in the garden.


Aggressive Free-range Herbs: Try one of these popular herb garden tricks to prevent fast-spreading herbs like peppermint from reaching your garden.

Sink frost-resistant clay or plastic pots into the ground, line the herb patch with patio stones or build a raised bed to prevent roots from escaping.

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