How to Grow Spinach in Your Home Vegetable Garden for Beginners!

How to Grow Spinach

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How to Grow Spinach for Beginners!

Spinach is a green leafy vegetable that grows best in cold climates. Spinach is rich in iron and also contains many vitamins A and C, thiamine, potassium, and folate (one of the B vitamins). Like most dark green leafy vegetables, spinach contains the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Most importantly, spinach tastes great when eaten fresh or cooked.

While there are many varieties of spinach with a variety of leaf shapes and textures, spinach generally falls into two main categories: flat leaves and kale. But this plant has been crossed so many times that it is often difficult to classify it. Small leaf spinach, or baby spinach, has gained popularity recently and is not necessarily green spinach leaves, but varieties that just don't grow.

Spinach grows very quickly and can be harvested as seeds one month after sowing. In most climates, it grows best when planted in the spring and fall, as it requires relatively low temperatures to thrive.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Planting Vegetables

Source: Garden Answer

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How to Grow Spinach

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