How to Grow Summer Squash in a Container

Most varieties of winter squash are large vines and do not grow well in containers. Choose "bushy" or "compact" types of zucchini for gardening. Good companions are cappuccinos and radishes.

Days to harvest: 45-60

Size: 2 "-3" tall and wide depending on variety

Difficulty: easy

Container size: five gallons or more. Container must be at least 10 "deep.

When to plant: Pumpkins need warm soil to germinate and grow well. Start planting in spring, after last spring's frosts. Seeds will germinate faster at soil temperatures above 21 Β° C.

Strains to try: Spacemaster; Eight ball; Golden fever; Patty Pan.

Grows best with: Seed.

How to plant

Plant two to three seeds 1 "deep. Thin to stronger seedlings when second set of leaves appear. Space plants 2 feet apart.

Light: full sun.

Water: Water well until the plant is established and then provide regular water. It needs constant humidity. Pumpkin grows well in a pot or self-watering container. Keep leaves dry to help prevent powdery mildew.

I think: it benefits from a high phosphorus fertilizer every 2-3 weeks during the growing season.

When to harvest

Pumpkin tastes best when it is small and tender. Harvest squash by cutting the stem, not the main vine, with a sharp knife when the fruits are 4 "to 6" long. The seeds will get bigger and the skin tougher as the fruit grows.

Tips: Cover the soil with garden cloth to warm it early in the season in cold weather. Plant cool-season crops like lettuce, radishes, and spinach in the container while you wait for the soil to warm up in spring.

If you find that the female fruit is wilting and not being pollinated by bees, try hand pollination by transferring the pollen from the male flower (long thin stem) to the female flower (bulb stem, looks like a small version of the fruit. ). Harvesting the fruit often encourages production.


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Source:Scott Head

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