How to Prune Your Zucchini Plants to Increase Production

Zucchini plants are prolific producers when they receive proper care. While zucchini can grow in almost any type of soil, it relies on well-draining soil along with plenty of sunlight to produce adequate fruit.

The leaves of the zucchini plant grow so large that they can often shade the plant and reduce sunlight for itself or surrounding plants. This is why you may need to cut off the leaves so the zucchini get more sunlight. Also, pruning squash allows more energy to reach the fruit than most squash plant leaves.

Pruning the leaves of the squash plant can also improve air circulation and help prevent powdery mildew to which squash is susceptible.

When pruning the leaves of the zucchini plant, be careful not to remove all the leaves. Keep a few leaves on the stem, including the leaf nodes near the last fruit you want to keep.

When cutting the leaves to give the zucchini more sun, only cut the largest ones, and make the cuts near the base of the plant, leaving all the others. You can also cut off any dead or brown leaves that may be present. Do not cut any stems as this will increase the risk of disease.

Watch the video down below to learn how to properly prune your Zucchini plants and increase their production.

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Source: MIgardener

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