Top Veggies to Plant in December

As winter settles in and blankets the landscape in a crisp embrace, seasoned gardening enthusiasts understand that the growing season doesn't come to a screeching halt.

Instead, December unfolds as a unique and somewhat clandestine opportunity to nurture a diverse array of cold-hardy vegetables that truly come into their own in cooler climates.

In this comprehensive guide, we embark on a journey to uncover the hidden potential of December planting, exploring a carefully curated selection of vegetables tailor-made for this frost-kissed month.

Moreover, we'll equip you with invaluable tips, ensuring that your winter harvest not only thrives but flourishes in the face of chilly temperatures and shorter days.

Vegetable Selection to Plant in December


Venture into the world of leafy greens, embracing the resilience of romaine, the vibrancy of spinach, the earthiness of kale, and the zesty notes of mustard greens.

These hardy varieties not only withstand the winter chill but continue to grace your table with freshness throughout the colder months.

Mustard Greens

Fast-tracking to harvest in a mere 4-6 weeks, mustard greens emerge as the swift superheroes of your winter garden.

With a tantalizingly spicy flavor profile and a nutrient-rich composition, they not only contribute to culinary delights but also infuse your meals with a burst of vitality.


Discover the robust and peppery flavors of arugula in your salads or sandwiches, knowing that this leafy gem will be ready for your enjoyment in just about 40 days.

December becomes the canvas for this rapid-growing green, adding a layer of culinary sophistication to your winter feasts.


In a blink-and-you'll-miss-it fashion, radishes mature in a mere 2-3 weeks, bringing an array of colors and flavors to your winter palate.

From mild to spicy, these quick-growers inject vibrancy and crunch into your seasonal dishes.


Choose the dual-purpose path with beets, opting for delicious roots or the nutritional bounty of Swiss chard's verdant leaves.

Both variations stand resilient against the winter chill, offering a continuous harvest throughout the colder months.


Navigate the winter soil with shorter carrot varieties like "Parisian Carrot" or "Danvers Half-Long," ensuring a triumphant harvest even in cooler conditions.


The winter garden becomes a stage for early varieties like "Waltham" or "Green Comet" to shine, gracing your table with the nutritional prowess of broccoli during the colder months.


Echoing the robustness of broccoli, opt for early cauliflower varieties such as "Snowball" or "Cheddar" to embark on a winter planting journey.


Snap peas and snow peas unveil their cold-resistant charm, ready for harvest in approximately 60-70 days, promising a delightful addition to your winter culinary repertoire.

Tips for December Planting

  • Frost Protection: Shield seedlings from occasional frost by covering them with row covers or frost blankets during cold nights.
  • Soil Enhancement: Improve your soil by adding compost or aged manure to enhance drainage and nutrient content in the planting area.
  • Regular Watering: Ensure consistent moisture, especially during dry spells, to support optimal growth of your cold-weather vegetables.
  • Early Harvest: Harvest your cold-weather vegetables early to prevent them from losing flavor and texture as they mature in warmer climates.

These are just suggestions, and the best vegetables for December planting may vary based on your specific climate and preferences.

Research to select vegetables that thrive in your local conditions and align with your culinary preferences.

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